Cement Mixer Recipe

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Shots & Shooters > by popular names > Cement Mixer Cement Mixer shot drink recipes. 1/1. 1-3 of 3 recipes. Cement Kicker recipe. 1 shot Bailey’s® Irish cream 1/2 shot lime juice 1/2 shot 151 proof rum. Fill one shot glass with Bailey’s. Fill second shot glass with Lime and 151. To Drink:

As I continue to read about Omaha’s pothole problems and how we have to hire subcontractors to help fix them, I wonder if the city has thought about the root problem: the concrete mix design (the reci…

Nearly all concrete today is based on a recipe developed in the early 1800s, which requires a process that’s heavily carbon-intensive. But ancient Romans invented a different recipe for concrete …

It looks like a cement mixer. It is in fact, the Monkey Mixer … That’s any kid of liquid that quenches your thirst as long as Monkey Shoulder is part of the cocktail recipe. It’s on the streets of N…

Cement Mixer Shots Cement Mixer recipe. rating. 8.6. 144 votes Tweet. Scan me to take me with you . serve in. alcohol. 8%. options. 1 jigger Bailey’s® Irish cream 1 jigger lime juice. Hold one shot of bailey’s in your mouth, and take one shot of lime juice. … mega mixer 5. pink cement.

Oct 29, 2007  · A strange shot drink that some people love and others use as a prank for friends, the cement mixer is an interesting mix of Baileys and lime juice.

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