Pre Pitch Shower

I put together a PERFECT shower pan in only three days from start to finish with the Pre-pitch and Quick-pitch system. I began my shower project by purchasing a Redi-Tile pan, which was a complete nightmare and disaster (see further comments about this below if you are considering).

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Create shower compartments of any size and shape with the help of this durable Goof Proof Shower Quick-Pitch Standard Shower Kit.

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Welcome to Mark E Industries, Inc. GOOF PROOF SHOWER installations made easy. Mark E Industries has created 8 shower installation products to simplify the art of shower and tile installation by focusing on some of the industries more difficult and time consuming tasks.

View Specsheet PDF View Installation Instructions. Pre-Pitch™ is a unique, stay-in-place spreading tool designed for use underneath shower pan liners. Pre-Pitch™ is a unique tool that creates the proper sub floor slope needed underneath the pan liner to manipulate the water towards the weep holes that are integral part of shower floor drains. By having a pitch under the pan liner, water …

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Quick Pich installation is easy with String-a-level Shower from Mark E. Industries 4 products that simplify installing a shower including installing a shower pan and tile.

How To Build A Shower Quick Slope   Part 1 - Installing the Quick Pitch Stick  System Mark E Industries Quick-Pitch Kit QPK-101 "GOOF PROOF SHOWER" – Tile Floor Pitch –