Stringa Level

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String A Level™. StringA-Level™ will quickly conform to any wall, regardless of shape or contour. Rounded walls, inside or outside corners won’t stop StringA-Level™. Leveling bubbles are built into each piece to ensure accuracy & precision. 4 rigid sections along with 2 ingenious "Living Levels" will effectively accommodate the average size shower.

Whether your shower installation is a standard or custom design it has never been easier or GOOF PROOF. Whether you prefer to patronize a local dealer in your area or order on line our Dealer link will direct you to our suppliers.

Wet Dry Tile Saw 7-in wet tabletop tile saw is designed to rip cut 18-in tile and diagonally cut 12-in tile with a 1-1/4-in max depth of cut. Table tilts for accurate 22.5° and 45° bevel cuts. aluminum extension table… A savvy ceramic tile … dry and cure. This durable floor tile comes in attractive designs and finishes. You

The first row of tile set is the most important and Stringa-Level makes it level. The only 2 cons I have for it is the flexible sections aren’t perfectly straight in between the hinges, so if you’re setting small tile like I just did 3 3/4 X 3 3/4 you have to shim the first row in the …

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Stringa-Level Kit Product Overview. StringA-Level ridged sections are 27 in. long. They are red in color and will be used for the straight area of the walls. These sections attach to themselves and to the Flexible levels (SL-1300) to tackle any wall configuration. Together with both the SL-2700 and the SL-1300 you can set a continuous ledger /stringer regardless…

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StringA Level. When setting your first row of tiles on any project, starting level is most critical to any layout! To prevent slippage, fasten the StringA Levels around the perimeter to hold your first full course of tile. Now by using spacers, you can tile your full wall to ceiling without possible slippage, while keeping your tiles level at all times.