Wet Saws For Tile Cutting

It is difficult to cut off narrow pieces on most ceramic tile with tile cutters. Any successful cuts that are a half-inch or less in width are pure luck. It is best to use a diamond wet saw to make these cuts. As crazy as it seems, it is far faster to cut …

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It is virtually impossible to remove excess epoxy grout from tile surfaces. The grout removal process requires just a few simple tools. You need some small pieces of wood that have very square-cut edges and … nylon scouring pad wet as well.

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QEP 22650Q 650XT 3/4 HP 120-volt Tile saw for wet cutting of Ceramic and Porcelain Tile – Power Tile Saws – Amazon.com

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Experienced tilers also do their tile cutting outside to minimize dust and messy backsplash from the wet saw. The contractor should keep the saw on a plastic tarp to protect the driveway or lawn and make sure the path between the cutting and work areas is …

Sears has tile saws that will help you size tiles for bathroom and outdoor projects. Create a dream bathroom with a high-quality wet saw.

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I want to install a new kitchen floor, but ceramic tile costs seem to be through the roof … The downside to porcelain tile is that you need a diamond wet or dry saw to make cuts. Dry saws create lots of dust, so make your cuts outdoors and wear a …

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I’m a professional remodel contractor. I’ve owned several wet saws and have to rate this MK370 the worst saw I’ve had the displeasure to own. First off, the tray does not have a plug, so draining it is a hassle.

How to cut Porcelain Tile using a Wet SawRIDGID tile saws can rip through the toughest materials such as natural stone, pavers and porcelain.